More than one million Mississippians live in                       communities that lack access to healthcare

We’re finding solutions

                   Partnering with communities to provide                        innovative programs that improve health outcomes                         and quality of life for all Mississippians

Health Prevention & Interventions

Wellness and prevention —the sweet tea of healthcare. 

INSPIRE MISSISSIPPI offers a full range of proactive health education programs from birth to retirement.

Career & Professional Development

Mississippi has a severe shortage of clinical and allied health professionals. 

INSPIRE MISSISSIPPI is here to help! We ensure there is an adequate workforce to meet local health needs. 

Community & Public Health Support

Healthier living one neighborhood at a time. 

INSPIRE MISSISSIPPI reduces health gaps caused by difference in income, education, race, ethnicity, location and other social determinants of health. 

Creating Equitable Access to Health Information, Resources & Services

Mississippi ranks near the bottom in every health category. 

INSPIRE MISSISSIPPI is dedicated to helping uplift all Mississippians by actively responding to the ambitious goals of better health, better care, and lower costs. 

We Employ Latest Research Technology & Company

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“Healthcare is what happens in the days and weeks and months before you ever see a doctor.”

Shelia Morley


Our Expertise

Creating unique opportunities for partners to advance their capacity, specifically in the areas of inter-professional practice, behavioral health integration, cultural competency, social determinants of health, and emerging health issues

Diversifying the Healthcare Workforce

Enhancing access to quality healthcare, especially primary and preventive care, in underserved areas of the state by recruiting, training, and retaining homegrown talent. 

Transform future

Transforming Future Health Systems

Serving as a connector and a platform to accelerate and amplify unique opportunities that transform the future of health systems through community-based programs.

Ignite Careers

Igniting Interest in Health Careers

Working with students in pre-K though high school to promote health careers and establish a “grow your own”  pipeline of future healthcare professionals in your community. 

About Us

Our team has more than 20 years experience working with community stakeholders, schools, and elected officials to develop and implement award-winning programs in Georgia, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

We are your friend, your neighbor, your partner. 

Shelia Morley

Founder & CEO

Tallulah Morley

Founder & Vice President

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